G5® Body Massager

The Gyratory Massager by G5® with modern technology has transformed the original system leading to the development of this CARLTON Professional variable speed Gyratory massager.

Using the AA head experience the innovatice DIRECTIONAL STROKING™ technique that has been patented worldwide - a simultaneous vibration and percussion movement to increase the venous flow and nutrition to the skin and underlying tissue whilst stimulating the blood circulation. The system produces three movements at once - a feat virtually impossible by any other method, or indeed by hand.

G5® Facial Massager

Introducing the first facial gyratory massager by G5®. A compact and robust design that enables the therapist to perform a deeper facial massage in order to increase and improve blood circulation. Facial muscles will become more toned reducing the signs of skin ageing. The G5® massage also helps to desquamate dead skin cells thus revealing a healthier skin underneath.

Like its larger related model, the G5®, the unit offers a totally variable electronic speed control, and comes with 6 heads in order to perform effleurage, petrissage and tapotement movements from décolleté to forehead.

A superb unit to use during a client's facial, as an introduction to facial electrotherapy treatments or as a treatment in its own right.